Altar Close Up

On the Stump: Part I

I sure have enjoyed early outdoors worship at Bel Air UMC on Sunday mornings. Being able to watch clouds pass by the steeple, feeling my toes getting wet in the dew glistening on the lawn, observing the unfolding of the crepe myrtle blossoms and smelling the newly-mown grass adds something special to the Sunday morning experience.

One Saturday night, halfway through the summer, a huge portion from a tree that has stood like an anchor for nearly 100 years next to the church came crashing down just missing the roof. It was right around the corner from where we sit on Sunday mornings. All are grateful that it happened how and when it did, sparing injury.

Well, God provides and the stump of the tree will now serve an important purpose. This winter the tree stump will sit beckoning us outdoor enthusiasts who like to connect with our Creator through nature to come, come back outside in the spring to worship.  It makes for a magnificent altar for those who wish to gather. The table awaits us.

Speaking of gathering, I have more ponderings about coming to the table but I will save them for next time on

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