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Epiphany About Needs – Sow The Heart: One Story at a Time
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Epiphany About Needs

Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer. ~ William S. Burroughs

Have you ever run to the store for something only to get home and realize you had what you needed right in front of you but didn’t realize it? Well, that’s happened to me many times including just a few weeks ago.

A package came in the mail just before Advent, I opened the shipping bag, and I was delighted to see what was in it – a handcrafted candle made in an antique tin candle mold from the Accidental Country Pastor.

When I went to light it for the first Sunday of Advent, I realized in my efforts to really simplify my life, I no longer owned a candle stick holder for tapers. Lately the candles I light are contained in a jar or tin. Oh, well, I thought, I’ve seen candlestick holders at the Dollar Store, I will get one there and donate it to someone else when finished with it. I checked the Dollar store regularly and being the holidays, each time they were sold out. Meanwhile, two more Sundays in Advent passed and I still hadn’t lit the taper.

On the day before the last Sunday of Advent, a week before Christmas,  I had a “God wink” telling me to open my cabinets wide and see if I had anything else that might work. A tall,  slender “Collins” bar glass that used to be my parent’s and a small bag of rock chips which I use in the bottom of containers for my indoor garden plants to help them drain well said “Viola!” I was all set and it held the taper straight and tall beautifully. Although I was sad the idea hadn’t come to me earlier, there is plenty more wax on the candle. I can use it for the next season of Advent in 2022, too.

In the end, I realized the message in the illuminating discovery was perfect. I had all I needed, I just needed to use the brain God gave me and some creative thinking!



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