Stone House With American Flag

After the Party

Our country had a wonderful celebration yesterday. Since I’m a very early riser,  I took advantage of the quiet of the beautiful morning on 4th of July and took a walk-about our historic town. As I walked I pondered how difficult it is for some people to celebrate the 4th of July this year.

Evidence of patriotism was everywhere, and for me, I’ll never give up faith our country is the best across the lands because of it’s cornerstone principles which were scribed a few hundred years ago. God is mentioned countless times throughout all the early documents and a nation built on faith sits right with me. We can not lose sight of what has gotten the United States of America through hard times and all kinds of challenges. Even if our flag is tattered and torn, it is still beautiful and so are we. Even as flawed individuals. God Bless America, always. 

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