Respair Basket Overflowing

Respair Basket: Overflowing!

This is a summer to remember! Finally, finally, I met my sixteen month old granddaughter, my first grandchild! My heart was touched in places that I did not even know existed, and at times it felt like it might burst with the love I felt for her. And I hadn’t seen my much beloved son and my daughter-in-law in two years. Oh, we had a joyful and joy-filled reunion.

Although I am sad I missed my granddaughter’s very early days of life due to pandemic restrictions, and a 2,105 mile distance between us, it was a very fun time to meet her. She is walking, learning to talk and can emote in beautiful non-verbal ways how she is feeling. We were able to interact with one another in ways that you can’t with a newborn. Of course it’s a grandmother’s duty to say their grandchildren are beautiful, but truly she is precious in every way. I so look forward to more days and years to come being her “Sue-Sue,” as she calls me.

And what a joy to see my only child, my son, as an oh so devoted father! And to see my daughter-in-law blossoming as a loving and attentive mother to little Charlotte was very special.

Since I returned from my trip I have been restless when I close my eyes to sleep at night with the memories of Charlotte’s little face and voice shouting out her favorite word “neigh-neigh.” And the trip included a few other things which tugged at my heart strings as I spent time with her. Look in on my posts called Valuing the Future, Sharing Art with Children and Passing it On.


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