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Red Tresses and Earthy Colors

“Autumn dresses in gold. Its the season of the soul.”

My Father was a steady rock throughout my life. Today  he will be celebrating his 94th birthday in heaven with my mom. They became soulmates when my mom was 12 and he 15. He loved that she was a spunky redhead but sometimes her strong will was a force to be reckoned with. Their marriage lasted 70 years and I can’t think of one without the other.

When autumn comes around I  think of my mom. She loved fall and walking with her highly- spirited chestnut Irish Setter in deep piles of leaves in the watershed area of Loch Raven behind our house. In her eyes, raking leaves was a no-no. She always said “God designed the ‘soul season’ so leaves will fall to the ground to keep the Earth warm in winter.” Mom was spiritually oriented and earthy colors were becoming on her. Today I imagine these colors are those she’d chose for Dad’s birthday party!

Happy Birthday, Dad. Have fun you two. We miss you!

Fall is about releasing the old to make way for the new.” 

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