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Pulling the Load – Sow The Heart: One Story at a Time
Children On A Farm

Pulling the Load

I’ve gotten such joy watching a little girl, who is featured in videos posted on social media. She is about the age of my little granddaughter ( between two to three years old) and is a little tow-head too.

Her delight in how she is being raised, on a farm, with lots of animals is seen in her interactions with them. This little girl has her work cut out for her. She already has a full-time job keeping her animals in line. The work is never-ending. She has chicks, roosters, pigs, goats, bunnies… and what have you to feed. She is always in the mix of them and is fearless in picking them up and setting them straight, keeping them within their boundaries and fiercely loving them all at the same time. She is learning a good work ethic and good parenting skills at a very young age.

Thank the good Lord, she will have help in the not too distant future. She now has a brother to help carry her load when the burden gets too heavy!


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