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Projecting Images


How do you feel about street art?

In my explorations via the internet and in my travels, I’ve seen some incredible trompe l’oeil paintings on sides of buildings in many cities including

Fredericksburg, Virginia and Frederick, Maryland.

In Bel Air, Maryland there is a new public art installation called the “Secret Garden” by Marshall Adams. He’s painted over 300 murals throughout the state and in other cities as well. As with each one of Bel Air’s wall murals, it is well-placed, designed and painted.

I especially appreciate wall murals when one can make an absolute distinction between what might be considered graffiti and more refined art.

In fact, wall murals are most effective when they help project the fabric, the heart and soul of a community or business. Such is the strength I see in Bel Air’s street art – a cohesiveness in their messages of what the town values. There is no mixed message between what you see in the public art displayed throughout town and what one feels when one walks about the very attractive, tidy historic district.

Here are a few pictures of the latest art installation to appear on the side of a building in Bel Air, MD. Lovely, isn’t it?

Now, I just need to make my way inside the building to get a haircut.Since the pandemic hit six months ago, I have been taking a snip here and there. At this point, I need a good stylist. 

Trompe l’oeil, deceiving the eye, is absent when I look at my tresses.  It’s obvious my hair has not been well kept during this season of pandemic, like many other people’s. Quite frankly, it looks pretty shabby and not at all in keeping with the lovely neighborhood surrounding me.

A new wall mural is in the works in another one of my favorite small cities. I will be featuring it in an upcoming blog. Stay tuned!

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