Baskets 4

Preserving Crafts Heritage

Hello! Welcome back, glad you returned to our special feature today putting the spotlight on Deer Creek Basketry Guild. I encountered a few of their 80-some members at the Stepping Stone Museum and had a delightful time chatting with them and looking at their vast display of wares.

The Deer Creek Basketry Guild was established in 1989 and their mission is to support the art and craft of basket weaving. The hope is that the interest will continue through the future generations. The guild offers beginners workshops, often at Stepping Stone Museum but also more advanced classes at other sites throughout Harford County as well. What a perfect fit for the museum to pair up with this craft that goes way, way back in history.

Very popular is the guild’s bi-annual fund raiser basket bingo! Learn more about this guild, through their website and I will let the pictures tell more of the story!

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