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Peck by Peck – Sow The Heart: One Story at a Time
Take Risks And Conquer Fears

Peck by Peck

As you may have read in a previous post, Working in the Trust Department, all summer long I have been making headway in earning the confidence of my little budgie. When I got her nearly a year and a half ago, from all I could surmise, she was less than a year old. The physical markings of a more mature bird were not there. But with the molting process and time, now they are appearing.

She was terribly frightened of me but this summer a little fruit has sweetened her up. She’s beginning to trust. When I first held the offering in the cage between my fingers, she wanted nothing to do with it. She’d work herself up into a tizzy – flitting, flying and screeching. Soon she decided to be brave, and take one strike at the fruit and then quickly move away from my hand as if she thought I’d grab her. The quick pecks were repeated many times over. This week we made more progress. Now she will stay stationery on the perch and munch on the piece I am holding between my fingers until she’s had enough.

On a fluke chance only, twice she let me rub her belly when she clasped the side of the cage – that is until she realized what she felt was my finger.

The end goal is to get her to perch on my finger. I am going to keep the faith that one day it will happen.

I think she’s beginning to make peace with me! And I remind myself –


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