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Pass it On – Sow The Heart: One Story at a Time
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Pass it On

Always count your blessings and thank God for all that you have. – 

A few weeks ago I listened to a sermon from the Accidental Country Pastor. The theme of the day was gleaning the fields. Listen in, the video is only 17 minutes. 

Reverend Donna’s sermon led me to think about the gleaning I’d had the day before at the Historical Society of Harford County. I had stopped at their book sale, which I had never attended before being  fairly new to the community.

I came away from the Historical Society of Harford County book sale with a shopping bag full of pure joy! I found art books, gardening and decorating books, a Xmas book of fiction from a humorist I enjoy, and a few antiquarian books bound in linen and leather as well as some lovely notecards published by the Children’s Art Project. Since I’d arrived just before they were ready to pack up and close up the sale, the entire bag was less than a cup of  gourmet coffee!

This idea of gleaning, making good use of things that others can not use whether it is food, or other things which feed and nourish the soul otherwise makes so much good sense. It’s what this world needs more of. There is a whole movement on the concept. Listen in to the very worthwhile video which is all about harvesting from one to another. There are places that are using the gleaning movement in restaurants!

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