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Light, Merry and Bright – Sow The Heart: One Story at a Time
Christmas In The Heart3

Light, Merry and Bright

Soon I am going to take my annual Christmas break from blogging until after the New Year.  Sure, I could write story after story to describe the Winter Wonderland that is created here in the heart of my own community. It’s quite impressive and draws in more people every year who want to come see the holiday magic. There is  a website which you can visit to find out all the events and happenings right here for your family’s enjoyment.  When you enter the website it will put you in the mood!

Over the next couple of weeks take your family to the Christmas Parade, attend drive-in Christmas movies, hop aboard a carriage ride and stay for the live Christmas music on an outdoor stage. Here, it’s at the Armory on Saturday nights until Christmas. Memory-making is all part of the celebration.

Don’t forget to sing the gorgeous Messiah with others at a local church  or listen in on-line at the National Cathedral.  Register right away so you can get the link to watch it on Sunday.

I am excited to say a few days from now I am attending “Resounding Joy” a performance of the Bel Air Community Chorus and there will be more doings over the weekend.

But more impressive than the sparkle all about town will be the good acts of people and others donating their time and efforts to make Christmas for others who need a lift-up this season. People at churches and other community organizations are gathering the makings for Christmas dinners and filling gift baskets of toys for little girls and boys.

It is almost time for me to keep the appointment I made with my heart – to quietly observe and listen to the real meaning of Christmas. Consider doing the same. Take time out this Christmas, and reflect on the stories and songs about the holy birth that took place in Bethlehem.

Can you hear? Are you listening?… Enter through the doors of light, merry and bright !




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