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Life’s Big Decisions

When I began writing some twelve or more years ago, never did I know what power and effect it would have on my life. I became positively affected!  What I didn’t understand was the opportunity it would give me to really think about what I had a passion for, create a life around it and be an active participant in writing my own story in the years far beyond where my memoir left off. It has been very meaningful and stimulating.

Through my writing I’ve found connection with long lost friends as well as new circles of people whose lives have touched mine like faith groups, artists and craft hobbyists, alike; as well as non-profit organizations and other authors and writers groups. There is a whole network of people who enjoy the same things I do even though in many ways our focus might be a little bit different.

I have a confession to make: I’m considering further what I want my writers life to be. I’ve given it a good run with results far beyond my expectations – hard to believe I  was a non-writer and have added “award-winning author” on my list of life’s accomplishments.

I have so enjoyed a writers life as I have done it to establish myself. Over the next couple of months I will take a hiatus to consider how  I will fine tune my writers life.

Today, I’d like to share twenty tips written, by another blogger, for making your life a work of art . I’ve enjoyed sharing my writing with other people am grateful for others who have inspired me,  encouraged, mentored and led me to live deeper and more personally fulfilled.


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