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Winter Cogitations – Sow The Heart: One Story at a Time
Seeds We Plant

Winter Cogitations

I hope you will pardon me, but as a mother whose only child turns thirty-five today, I’d first like to say Happy Birthday to Marc! I’m so proud of him and all of his accomplishments in his field of work and the caring person that he is.

And now I think to myself… How time has flown! He is a now a father. I ponder how much more difficult it is to raise raise lovely flowers rather than thorns in this unsettling world we live in. In my own opinion, we need a whole slew of cogitators and producers who can sow and plant seeds of innovative thinking to put the world back on balance again. Individuals who who can cobble and stitch things together to work toward a more wholesome, united world. They must up to the challenges and understand that hard work means full-on tenacity, perseverance and dedication to whatever the creation might be. Entrepreneurs who are willing to sacrifice. The talent is here in America however, somehow we’ve gotten estranged from the idea that with hard work comes sacrifice and lots of it. Previous generations got it – working toward a goal is peaceful, collective and there is no such thing as instant gratification nor entitlement.

I’ve read and listened to Mike Rowe’s commentary on the same subject, and I think he is spot on. Academic learning is not the path for everyone. Hands-on occupations are just as valuable and contributes to the kind of workforce we are lacking. And if one is truly dedicated to any path they take, it means investment of self not just dollars. Wintering through the hardships is worth it to do whatever it takes to craft a life that one truly loves and believes in.

Just saying…

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