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Wheelhouse of Stimulation – Part 2 – Sow The Heart: One Story at a Time
A Childs Mind

Wheelhouse of Stimulation – Part 2

Today we return to  State of Play. It was interesting to observe the children’s reaction to the activities set up in various stations. I observed one child spend a good deal of time in the kitchen area, “cooking” on the miniature stove and setting up for tea at the table. Chef in the making? A future tea room entrepreneur? I wondered.

Other children seemed to particularly enjoy the kinetic sand with miniature pots and plants. Gardener in the making? Kinetic sand is pretty cool stuff to pot-up artificial succulents in and it’s nearly mess less. How can that be?

Other children raced from area to area so full of curiosity. The play station of “found objects allowed children to turn the found objects into something creative. Future Archeologists? Or the making of “objet trouvé ” artists, as people of French descent say? There was a wonderful children’s book paired with the activity called The Amazing Collection of Joey Cornell who found his fulfillment in walking all over looking for unique found objects.

More active kids had the opportunity to use their bodies to climb over a wide wooden ladder which was “A” shaped. Tots could climb the rungs on one side and then back down the other.

And for the more reserved child there was a wonderful, colorful book nook, filled with high quality young children’s art books. The collection well-curated! At many of the other play stations there were age-appropriate books pared with the activity. Such as in the area with the miniature camping set-up.

Everything at the State of Play was designed to stimulate bright little minds.

Puzzles and Mind Solvers

If you are in the area, schedule a session at The State of Play for your child or grandchildren.

Now that I have seen this creative play space, I am curious to see The Purple Bicycle which houses space for children’s imaginations in the community where I live.

Thank you to the State of Play for allowing me to take photos. I would have liked to post each and everyone but I didn’t want to be a spoiler. The best way to see the place is to experience it through the eyes of a child.

Come on back on October 5th, I am going to take you to a neighborhood that delighted me to no end! I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

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