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Wake Up Reminder – Sow The Heart: One Story at a Time

Wake Up Reminder

What would be a big wake-up call for you other than a health scare? Robin Sharma said something that made me really think about life and how we often live it:

“Don’t go live the same year seventy-five times the same way and call it a life.”

Wow! I can’t think of a better reminder to not keep doing the same ole, same ole. What an especially good message for us who are in our “renaissance years” and are prone to doing things the easy way (routinely) because it’s what we usually do.

For those of us who are beyond childrearing years and have retired from our lifetime careers, if you don’t do something different now, then when? Change doesn’t have to be costly like spending big dollars to zip off to a European or exotic destination. Meeting new people, trying something you’ve always shied away from,  getting involved with community activities you’ve never had time for or becoming a life-long learner through programs at the library, at a museum or at a community college gives us new perspectives. The only way to grow is to go beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone and it feels really good. What do you plan to do differently in 2023?


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