Throwing Snowballs

Spring Fever, Anyone?

Ready to be done with winter? As someone who lived for forty years high up in the snowy mountains, I have experienced many long winters.  One of the best ways to combat cabin fever is to go outside and play,  whether you want to or not. Every time I return from my morning walk in the chilly air, I reflect on how good it feels that I did what I least wanted to do. Makes me proud I’ve motivated myself.

In the warm seasons, it’s easy to feel vigorous but in the winter we often do struggle with feeling lethargic. Here is a good article which gives a few more tips on getting through the dark of the winter season from a slightly different perspective

We are not through winter yet, but, as we near the end of February, I’ll feel as if we are over the hump and slump that is brought on by Old Man Winter. Soon, Mother Nature will take over and you know what that means – an awakening of the earth in all her splendor.

Now I am living in a far more gentle climate. And this morning as I walked, I heard birds that sounded much more chipper knowing spring is around the corner. No matter where we live, toward the end of winter we are always grateful to see a warm-up in the forecast.  We are trending upward!  Hang in there!


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