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Sing Praise

“Bringing good news is imparting hope to one’s fellow man.” ~ Patti Smith

Hummingbird Swing for home and hearth blogOne of the best gifts an author can be given is to have readers share when they have discovered a new book or author website they like. Sharing news over the fence is a valuable way to spread titles of fulfilling narratives to other readers. Book reviews from readers are treasured too!

If you have been a follower of thanks for your loyalty. I’d be most grateful if you’d share word of my new Official Author Website, It’s a space you can visit where spring is ever present.

The mission is to uplift the spirit with hope, rejuvenation and renewal. With every visit you make to find a seed of thought or an idea to pass along to others.  I hope you, too, will be inspired to let your spirit flourish and grow.

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