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Perfect Panacea

Miss Sweet Spring has just arrived, yet ten days ago her relative, grumpy Old Man Winter teased us once more by throwing down more white stuff on top of his icy disposition. I don’t know about you but, I hope warm temperatures are here to stay.

Ten days ago I found the perfect panacea for getting rid of the winter doldrums. Enter into  Jonathan West’s vibrant floral art exhibition at Liriodendron Mansion and pair it with a floral arrangement demonstration hosted by the Garden Club of Harford County who “gives back to our community, one flower at a time.” I left feeling as if I was given a fool-proof prescription for seasonal affective disorders by Dr. Howard Kelly himself.

Who is Dr. Howard Kelly, you might ask? He is a very important part of the history of the Liriodendron Mansion. A real pioneer in medicine and in faith healing. Read more about the physician right here or you can visit the Mansion where there are writings about him all over the walls in the rooms dedicated to his work in the field of medicine.

So, back to the the women of the Garden Club of Harford County who played a valuable part in the successful first 2022 show! They did an outstanding job of explaining and demonstrating the art of floral arrangement, which was unfamiliar to me, called Ikebana. It’s origins come from Japan, and it’s focus is using only a few organic materials very sparingly and precisely to make stunning arrangements, unlike those you see which typically come from a florist. There are very specific mathematical guidelines which include angles and proper length of each flower stem to make the overall composition deemed “ikebana -worthy.”  The principles were explained very simply and understandably.

Below: More traditional floral arrangements from ladies of the Garden Club of Harford County.

Do come back to in a three days time, on March 26, so I can continue the story! You have yet to see the wonderful kaleidoscope that artist Jonathan West presented in his One Life exhibition of floral paintings. It’s well worth another visit to this website and the sweet season of rebirth, renewal and awakening has arrived on


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