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Breakfast Wholeness – Sow The Heart: One Story at a Time
Healthy Heart Tips

Breakfast Wholeness

  1. “The past beats inside me like a second heart.”  ― John BanvilleThe Sea

The best way to push through the grief process is to take good care of myself. My beloved mom always said “Wholeness starts with a good breakfast.”

Today, I am returning to memories of days gone by in honor of my parents April 24th wedding anniversary. On this day on this earth they have celebrated 70 years of marriage but this year it will be their first in another realm together.

Here’s what I’m having:

  • A steaming cup o’ tea with honey and a splash o’milk
  • A tall glass of orange juice (my dad’s favorite)
  • 2  homemade bran muffins (nostalgically I remember this was hot on our family’s breakfast menu back in the 1970s)
  • And a whole banana (I find it touching my parents always split one for their first meal of the day).

Ok, I can hear the food police now “But what about the big pat of butter? It will be the ruination of you!”

I beg to differ. I like butter so it’s good for my soul. “Soul food” is also part of this journey of restoring myself to good health after caregiving and losing both parents within a 23 day period in March.  Its important for each of us to watch out for ourselves sometimes without feeling guilty.

So, today, be a little selfish. What are you going to do? Something just for you?

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