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Beautifully Gifted – Sow The Heart: One Story at a Time
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Beautifully Gifted

Have you ever met someone who has no clue of the impact they make on someone else’s life? It is a beautiful thing.

When I’ve moved to  new communities I’ve joined women’s groups in the interest of meeting new people in the “neighborhood.” I’ve chosen each group because the women share some of the interests I have.

I love it when someone else inspires me to up my game such as people who have had all sorts of challenges in their life and they still put at the top caring for other people. You know the type – they are  completely “atypical” of people of their age and it’s all part of their brilliance. They live their lives   inspiring everyone around them and others have no clue what they have been through.

Whenever I come across people who live with a special vibrancy, it makes me want to be just like that. Active, well beyond the age when others of the same age are not. I am so grateful  every time I witness strong women (like my mother was) who have inspired me. They make me a better person and it makes me realize there is always work to do in my own self- development and to continue learning from others.


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