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America’s Harvest of People – Sow The Heart: One Story at a Time
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America’s Harvest of People

At one time the town meetinghouse was what drew people together all for a common cause – to strengthen community.  The fabric of our country’s foundation was laid out in meetinghouses when the early founders held important discussions of cornerstone values and patched them together to form our democratic society. It was a time when people highly valued the aesthetics in their lives including their own character and that of their neighbor.

Indeed, the American way is worth standing up for. Museums, historical societies, galleries with paintings from another era, libraries with non-contemporary works, old churches, graveyards, history books and historical markers help us understand the people who came before us and how our country has remained a very special place due the freedoms we have enjoyed. How our ancestors had to fight for their rights is all part of America’s story and part of our heritage.

One of the freedoms we have in our country is the ability to join in and help build, unite and strengthen community. By stepping fully into one’s community and becoming a positive, active participant we become better citizens and understand our community’s uniqueness and that of our neighbor.




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