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Inner Treasure – Sow The Heart: One Story at a Time
Art Of Inner Joy

Inner Treasure

It’s been said there are years of answers and years of questions. The past three years have been filled with many, many questions about truth,  haven’t they?

No matter what is swirling all around us, 2022 can be a year of answers.  Yes, our minds do trick us, they are quite good at that, but having deep inner faith in our selves and listening to our own truth makes all the difference.

Finding ones own inner truth is like finding treasure within. But how do we do that? This article is very helpful but as you read it, pay attention to the overall message about getting in touch with the creative spirit.  The author is not suggesting we all sit around doing nothing except reading the hottest thought leader of the day because everyone’s path of seeking what brings them true joy is different.

Many in the faith community will tell you making a shift in the way we think about things is the difference between situational happiness and deep inner joy. Faith does not always come to us in earth shattering revelations, it is something we must intentionally work on daily to come to an understanding how God and the Universe has been supporting us forever and ever, since ancient times.

We will always have personal challenges because we are imperfect humans living in an imperfect world. So,  in 2022 work to find ever lasting faith. It can sustain even if the worst should befall us.

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