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Hearts Open: Trying New Things – Sow The Heart: One Story at a Time
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Hearts Open: Trying New Things

We always have choices. One being continuing to grow or staying stuck in the same ole, same ole. Learning a new skill or finding a new creative outlet or experiencing something that is outside of our comfort zone is healthy, builds confidence and helps us to gain new perspectives on life and ourselves.

I’ll share something I did this spring just to challenge myself to eat something said to be very good for the cardio-vascular system. It was no big thing but what I learned from it taught me a lesson. I’ve always said I don’t like sardines. My father used to eat sardines every so often, and I wouldn’t touch them even though I’ve always liked many types of seafood.

One day, I decided to be daring and brave. I often have to remind myself to  explore new things. I said to myself  – just like my writing, if you’ve never tried sardines how would you know if you like them or not. So, I bought a tin. Guess what I did? I hate half the can. The first bite was the hardest but I put them on club crackers, which tempered the unfamiliar taste. They weren’t bad. In fact, with a few more tries, I think I might grow to like them and I’ve since been told that I can get them in something other than olive oil. I didn’t know that and the sardines which come in tomato sauce sounds even more appealing.


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