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Have to See to Believe? – Sow The Heart: One Story at a Time
Believing In Magic

Have to See to Believe?

This summer I visited a community like no other I have ever been to. I loved every moment of the special outing with my loved ones, including my two and a half year-old granddaughter. The neighborhood, deep in the forest, provides a place for magical, spiritual souls to convene. The residents of the community are known for dancing among us and sprinkling us with fairy dust and their special charm.

Rather than a long narrative, I’ll share pictures of a few of my favorite houses and local businesses in the village. The final house was our family’s contribution to enlarging the community. We built our own! The name of the village we visited will wrap up this post.


As we went from house to house, business to business, my little Granddaughter was so precious! She kept saying, “Come on Sue-Sue! We have to go find another one.”


And, alas, welcome to our house – made by the Leonard family. The doors are open, with cheery yellow flowers to greet you.

If you come, my budgie will give you a ride home, no worries!


So, what is the name of this community?

Here is a map so you won’t get lost!



Next two posts will be on So visit the site on October 11 and 15th. The subject: Expanding the Art Narrative. 

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