Stepping Stones

Go On, Sow On

The things that excite you are not random, they are connected to your purpose. Follow them. ~ Unknown

Things are coming around, I can feel it. People are more optimistic about getting the pandemic under control.  We owe a debt of gratitude to health care professionals at all levels who put themselves at risk to develop the vaccine, administer it and to those who cared for the stricken which were far too many. The crisis isn’t over so continue to be wise in your choices.

This past year life, as we’ve known it, put a big bump in the road in front of us and gave us all an opportunity to sow seeds of new ways of being and doing. If you’ve made steps toward behavioral changes, what have you learned? Take the lessons and go forward keeping them in mind. Making big lifestyle adjustments can he hard and uncomfortable at first, but change is good. It means we are living life more intentionally rather than just going through rote motions thoughtlessly.

Those hobbies you picked up to ward off boredom due to social distancing, continue them! And get together with those you haven’t been able to do things with more frequently. Continue to enjoy down time instead of returning to a frenzied pace. Do the things that you didn’t realize meant so much and took for granted.  Keep sowing and growing because to quote the Star Tribune, “This isn’t a pandemic of just a virus. This is a pandemic of emotion…a really personal journey for all of us.”



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