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Fostering Fun – Sow The Heart: One Story at a Time
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Fostering Fun

 Happiness belongs to the self sufficient. – Aristotle

Any baby boomer will tell you children’s play is so different and very structured compared to how it used to be “back when.” Organized sports meant walking or riding bikes to your neighbor’s houses to see who was up for a game of croquette, playing hopscotch on the sidewalk or Tiddlywinks.

Girls often made necklaces out of clover and wildflowers growing in the fields or by folding and weaving using chewing gum wrappers. Boys enjoyed making kites with their fathers’s morning newspaper, making toy airplanes from lightweight balsa wood or making castles using their parents playing cards.

Parent’s rarely looked for things for their kids to do. They didn’t have to. Kids made their own kind of fun skipping stones, rolling down hills, banging together a crude treehouse or fort using branches of trees, painting one another’s faces with red juice from the berries they picked in the woods.

Photo: Back when playing a game of shuttlecock with kids in the neighborhood was a whole afternoon of entertainment. Anyone think kids of today would know what shuttlecock was?

A large part of the fun was the creativity used in making the fun. It was all fun without any frills – best kind of fun there is!





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