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Wellness: First Introductions

I’d like to introduce you to Good Grief, Kitty ©!! It’s a gift from SowtheHeart.com made for my cousin in honor of the loss of her kit-kat whom she adored.

Good Grief, Kitty ©!! is made purrfectly impurrfect just like all of us. Each one is an original design and uniquely handcrafted.

This gift is for anyone who has lost a furry friend. Or as a reminder of a fun-lovin’, crazy feline!

It’s for young and old alike but not made as a play toy for infants, toddlers and young children. It is a token of folk art to promote wellness. Hold onto the lovey to celebrate joy-filled memories or help mend the broken hearted.

If you would like to inquire further about Good Grief, Kitty ©!!! or Good Grief, Pup-Pup © !!! (whose design will be posted soon) or to place an order, please complete the contact form on this website where it says Connect or and email us at sowtheheart@gmail.com with your contact information (email & phone) and we will get in touch with you!


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  1. Sue-
    Put me on the list!
    My friend Pat lost her beautiful little gray French Poodle (Vivian) aka Miss Vee! Such a dear sweet little thing and would love to give her one as a gift! If you have any gray fabric with pink accents that would be great, otherwise I will leave it up to you!
    Let me know price and will send you a check!

    1. Oh no, not Miss Vee! I heard alot about her and you even dog sat her! The price is $25 which includes shipping.

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