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Finding the Bright Spots – Sow The Heart: One Story at a Time
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Finding the Bright Spots


The day after the election I was feeling unease or antsy or unsettled or something akin to that. Confidently I can say few like the unknowing.

I couldn’t do a thing about the voting outcome but I sure as heck could do something about my low-spirited attitude.

Explorganics had just opened a few days prior and I decided to stop in to see what it was all about. I had a delightful conversation with the owner. When we exchanged business cards she mentioned her store came out of blogging about her interest and knowledge about plants. We commiserated about how much easier it is to write about something you know and like!

And while I was there I decided to walk a few more steps over to the Harford Artists Gallery to take in their newly hung exhibit titled Cherished Moments.  I saw so many affordable gift-giving possibilities for Christmas.  A well curated show especially for buyers who like to give beautifully handcrafted presents from talented artistans.

When I returned home I got out my deck chairs and took advantage of the nearly 70 degree November afternoon.  I was feeling more grounded and brighter after my excursion. The colors in the Gallery were exceptionally cheery. As I sat drinking my afternoon cup of tea, I pondered the words of the Dali Llama who says “deep joy is internal and not dependent on externals surrounding you.”

By the time the sunset arrived the election results were still pending, I’d decided no matter which way the chips fell it wasn’t going to put a damper on how I live my life. I’ll keep on keeping on writing stories, one at a time, which plant seeds of  personal fulfillment in myself and of good news for my readers.

Next week the focus will be about giving thanks for 2020! Yes! Despite all,  there are blessings to recall!



My very healthy but slow growing English ivy had lots of space in the pot. I kind of anticipated it would fill the pot much quicker than it has. So, I decided to give it some company. Now it shares the space with a cousin, heart ivy and a dusty pink arrowhead plant. Two little purchases at Explorganics which will sow big rewards watching the three grow together.



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