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Finding the Bright Side

I’ve been a believer in the Law of Attraction for a long time and have been working on integrating the principles into my life since I learned of them.  One of the major concepts is “What You Think About You Bring About.”

Well, I have a new creature companion, a budgie, and sometimes I can’t help compare her actions to people’s actions. It’s interesting and comical to me how in one nano-second flat she can go from a long session of quietly cheeping her pretty birdsong under her breath about whatever it is she is pondering, and suddenly it turns to loud screeching and she’s gotten herself all worked up into a tizz and all aflutter too!! It’s as if she’s flipped a switch.

But isn’t that what we people do? When we focus on positive thoughts we feel calm. If we get stuck on things that are upsetting which causes anxiety or bad feelings the issue builds and builds until we spout off loudly to release it?

Learning how to flip the switch from those looping negatives to positive thinking really is the key to manifesting and living a more stress-free, peaceful life.

So, in this picture what do you see first?


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