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Field Trips

Today, I’m going to take you on a field trip not through the images posted but through the words of an acquaintance  whom I’ve personally met along my publishing/writing path. Jon Katz writes from Bedlam Farm and what he has recently written about is of concern to me, too. He expresses his thought so well.

Please read Jon Katz’ blog if you care about our Earth.  I share his opinion that moving far, far away from an agrarian society has changed our people, our behaviors and many of the more the healthy things we once consumed.

Come with me today to Bedlam Farm through this link. Join me again on SowtheHeart.com on Thursday when I will take you on a very colorful field trip to see more of the earth’s rewards.

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  1. I agree with Jon Katz, the loss of farms in America is an American tragedy and a loss in work ethics! Very sad!

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