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Creature Stories – Sow The Heart: One Story at a Time
What A Wonderful World

Creature Stories

With careful observation, we can learn things from all animals, great and small.  I have been fascinated by many of my little budgie’s behaviors. Let me tell you – as some people may think, she is not just a twitter-witted creature.

Every morning when she feeds from the piece of fruit I hold between my fingers, I have witnessed a fascinating phenomenon. She’ll eat some of the treat, which she is growing to really appreciate, and then her mothering instincts kick in. She’ll feed some to what she apparently considers her “baby”  in the nest – a little tiny bell which hangs inside her star shaped swing. There is no mistaking what she is doing. From where I stand I have a very close, intimate view of my budgie’s actions.

This conduct from the natural world of animals gives rise to my question. Do you think God’s mastermind gave these instincts to the creatures of the earth, whom we consider to be lower-intelligence, so we human beings can learn from them?


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