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Things We Fall For

Three years ago on this day my mom left the earth to go experience heavenly pleasures. Two of her great granddaughters now bear her name. She’d be so pleased.

My granddaughter, Charlotte Helen was born a year after my mom passed. Then along came her little cousin, Helen Quinn, five months later. I stitched both of the little girls folk art kitties for their first Christmases.

Helen was  instantly attracted to the little creature like a cat is to catnip. She studies it’s face so intently and is so drawn by it. It has become her sidekick. The kitty goes everywhere with her. Now a toddler, she puts the kitty night-night, kisses it and covers it all up. It went missing for several days when, unknowingly to her mom, Helen put it in a paper bag and her mom moved it. No one could find the kitty. It was if her whole world had fallen apart. When they finally found the bag with the folk art kitty in it, it was a day of great celebration. She wanted everyone in the room to hug and kiss it and welcome it back.

The kitty was made to be a little shabby-chic but it’s lovability factor has made it more so! It’s gotten much wear and tear but her attraction to it has only gotten deeper. It gives me great joy that something I stitched has been loved so much!

On the other hand, Charlotte, my grand-daughter was not particularly taken with her kitty. She has other stuffed animals she prefers. No hurt feelings here, it’s just the way it is.

Isn’t it funny how what we are attracted to whether it is a face, a book, a piece of art, a piece of jewelry, a personality is such a matter of personal preference? Just saying!






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