Knots In Life

Restful Revival

“Jan, you’ll never believe it!” I said to my twin sister over the phone on Christmas afternoon. “It even has a self threading needle and a mechanism that will not allow you to overfill the bobbin!”

“No! Are you kidding?,” my sister replied with an incredulous tone in her voice. “Sue, don’t you remember the frustrations we used to have over fowl-ups between the needle and the bobbin? We spent more time straightening out the knotted mess than we did sewing.”

“How could I not remember? Those machines from the 1960s and 1970s were the worst! We spent more time fussing and fuming! And think of it Jan, now much of the frustration has been removed!

in the store

“I can’t wait to begin using my new sewing machine. ” I said continuing the conversation,”but first, I think I need to take a lesson. It’s been too many years and now it’s all computerized.”

By now you’ve probably figured out what I got for Christmas! A revival of a hobby from my past is in my future, thanks to my dear, darling son who sent me a newfangled sewing machine for Christmas.

The other day, Lynn Wunder at Sew Steamboat  showed me how to use it. The basics are EASY PEEZY! Her enthusiam and patience with helping me to remember various aspects of sewing got me all fired up. I came home and worked on my first project. A new slip case for my eyeglasses! Here’s the result!

Now what?

sewing project 1



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