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Life’s Puzzlers


For a while there I was worried about myself. In fact I even emailed my twin sister about my conundrum. Her response was “give it up and throw it in the trash.”

Here is what it was all about:

I worked on a new jigsaw puzzle over Christmas that had me baffled. I couldn’t seem to reckon the pieces I had begun putting together with the image I was seeing on the puzzle box. Not willing to take my sister’s advice, at one point when feeling really frustrated and flummoxed,  I looked up at the sky and thought,

Tell me please!  Is there something terribly wrong with my perspective ? How can this be so difficult?

But I persisted! Why? Because in recent years I’ve come to believe in the words of R.I. Fitzhenry who once said, “Uncertainty and mystery are energies of life…they keep boredom at bay and spark creativity.”

Whose bright idea was it to mix up  the packaging?

Did you know life’s puzzlers are good for us? What do you do when faced with a road block? Give up or use it as a challenge to find a creative solution?

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