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2021: Clocking In – Sow The Heart: One Story at a Time

2021: Clocking In

What a lovely thought! Let’s believe it.

I’ve been pondering healing and beauty. Do we want to fundamentally go back to life the way it was before the pandemic? In truth, the world climate wasn’t all that pretty.

I hope out of upheaval a more unified national and global model is being created for the next generation.

It will be interesting to see what skills will be highly desired as the next generation enters the job market. Will jobs requiring soft skills be at the forefront along with healthcare and creative industry. Will new frontiers like agri-tourism continue to grow?  We’ve strayed so far from an agrarian society that individuals born after the baby boomer generation are not well aware of where food comes from and how vital it is to sustain a healthy food chain. Here is an article about it’s importance.

Further, let’s open the studio doors more frequently and plant a seed by letting students see how art and craft is made. It opens up a world of possibility to those who are looking for an alternative to college and to find a career niche that well suits their interests. Many states have an annual “Open Studio Day” but can’t we do better?

Indeed, perhaps we are all at a time such as this when life needs to be done differently. As Steve Jobs once said,  “Our time is limited, so don’t waste time living someone else’s life.” – How do you interpret this statement?

How do you feel about returning to workstyles as it was before the pandemic?  Has slowing down and taking a break from life’s fast pace helped you feel more fulfilled or inspired to change direction?

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