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Creative Assistance – Sow The Heart: One Story at a Time
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Creative Assistance

“The most regretful people… felt the call to creative work… and gave to it neither power nor time.” ~ Mary Oliver

Some weeks ago I was speaking on the phone with someone about writing and how it’s difficult to know whether to move forward with publishing a piece of writing or not. There is so much energy that goes into penning a full-length piece. So, shoving the writing into a dark drawer or closet and forgetting about it seems a waste. Some of my ideas are fleeting but if an idea comes to me and I feel compelled to spend a lot of time developing it, I figure there must be a good reason.

A story goes through many renditions until it feels right and editing can seem never ending. If one is not a writer, it’s hard to grasp this reality. And some authors spend just as much time jotting down elaborate plots and plans, maps and make diagrams before the writing even begins. There is no right or wrong. Whatever works and sometimes it depends on whether or not a writer has been formally schooled in how to properly outline a story.

If I am writing fiction, I let my characters lead and speak to me. I’ve come to know they’ll always teach me something. Their plans are often different than mine!  Rare is the day there is not struggle to get the right order to sentences and paragraphs so a piece is written clearly and succinctly.

I have one tried and true technique for when I struggle to get my composition into a version I am satisfied with. Trite as it sounds, I ask for help from my higher being to give me what I need.  Sometimes it takes awhile for my mind to open and find clarity. But it never fails, I have a breakthrough. Creativity is a fascinating and strange phenomenon!  It has been said —–

 “Never doubt the power of speaking life–changing words—to yourself. “


“In the middle of your mess, God is writing your message.”  ~ Unknown

Have I mentioned I have a new creative assistant?  She gives me all kinds of feedback. I will tell you a little bit about her if you return to on June 5th, 2021.



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