At The Heart Of Community

Committed Citizens

More than ten years ago I moved to Steamboat Springs, CO. A place well-known for it’s development of world class athletes and home to many Olympians.

Having an interest in the Arts I immediately began exploring the local arts and entertainment scene. As an outsider and newcomer to the community it took me a while to get a grasp of just how many art related  activities there were because there seemed to be many organizing bodies.

Fast forward to today. When a group of committed citizens (artists) decided to come together for the benefit of the whole community, noticable change began to happen. A unifying organization called “Steamboat Creates” pulled all factions of the arts and entertainment sectors together.  Steamboat Springs became a Colorado certified creative industries community and great things continue to happen.

It’s a wonderful thing how change leaders can also be unifyers! When a church in the same world-class town was building a new structure many of the same artists along with other townspeople of many talents rallied to make 166 stained glasses windows. One’s spiritual values didn’t matter because believers working together are all part of God’s family. Here is the story.

As Margaret Mead once said “never doubt what a small group of thoughtful, committed group of people can do.”



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