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Charismatic Characters – Sow The Heart: One Story at a Time
What A Bird

Charismatic Characters

“Birds teach a great life lesson. All you have to do is listen to their song.” ~ Unknown

I’ve always had a bit of an impulsive streak in me, and about a month ago it couldn’t be contained. I’ve been thinking for much more than a year about getting a puppy. I’ve missed having a canine companion and have had a dog most of my life.

So, I walked into Petco and you know how that goes. One does not just go to look at a puppy because once you see a puppy or a kitty one’s heart melts. Turns to mush and you’ve just gotta have it.

Well, I got sidetracked going up and down the aisles of the store and was struck by a creature who came home with me. A much safer choice given my propensity to go out and explore without restrictions of having to come home to feed and walk an animal on a time schedule.

Her markings remind me of a blue sky with puffy white clouds but that’s not the reason for her name – Celeste. She’s a very charismatic character who craves attention. My avian friend reminds me of another “real bird” with whom I am well acquainted.

For the first five days Miss Celeste ate nothing and I’m not sure she found her water either. I was beginning to get concerned. But, she’s getting used to her new surroundings and I’ve discovered she has very discriminating tastes. I suppose it comes with her heritage. From the MD exotic birds website her markings look like an English budgerigar.

When I go out and then come back, Miss Celeste gives me the what for! She screeches her dissatisfaction that I have left her and our oh-so-meaningful conversations. She likes to think she’s of star quality. She’ll have nothing to do with the clear plastic food containers which attach to the side of the cage. She wouldn’t eat until I put a English porcelain hand-painted plate I inherited from my mom, on the floor of the cage with food spread out on it. Now she dines elegantly and her little belly is filling out. Her plate is a real step up from the stoneware I dine on.  Ah….what a bird!

Isn’t she a pretty cheep-cheep?

I’m sure as we get to know one another I’ll discover more surprises about her bird brain and how she communicates her wants and needs. I’ll keep you posted as Celeste and I make progress! 

She seems to have an awful lot of  out of this world advice to give. If you like her, give her a tweet back!


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