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It’s a funny thing. One of my most lucid memories of childhood was having a lemonade stand with my twin sister and my cousin, Meg, out in the middle of nowhere. That was 50+ years ago when our families were vacationing on Lake Champlain in very rural Vermont. To get to the lake summerhouse you had to travel miles down a dead-end dirt road with only a few other part-time residences beyond our little set-up.

As an incentive for customers to stop we posted a large sign that said “FREE AIR!!” We planned on putting our bicycle tire pump into service for customers with low car tires . Quite the little entrepreneurs we were!  And as you can well imagine, business was very briskly uneventful.

Nevertheless, our little venture served a purpose in my healing from pioneering heart surgery. Through it all, I was a typical “kid” seldom thinking of what the next day might bring, and enjoying childhood in all it’s innocence. You might be surprised to learn it was a very beautiful time in my life!

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