Mustard Seed Packet   Cmc By Cmc2stamp

Powerful Parable

What is a parable? It is a short story that teaches a moral or short lesson.

Seeds of faith were planted in me at a very young age in a non-traditional way through the words of a stellar individual and other beautiful people who nurtured me. The reader meets the cultivators of my spiritual beliefs in my award-winning memoir Gift of A Lifetime: Finding Fulfilling Things in the Unexpected.  

For instance: A small bauble hung from my grandmothers wrist watch during her entire lifetime. In it was a mustard seed. I didn’t know it’s valuable significance until I became an adult and began to make some self-realizations.

The parable of the mustard seed is an easily understood story  that applies to this week’s blogs about growing seeds and weeds.  Here is what is it all about.

Seeds have fragile, small beginnings. If nutured, they grow into something much bigger. My faith was realized in unique ways. In a chapter in an upcoming Christian publication, I will reveal more of how that happened. I’ll keep you posted when the book comes to fruition. Have a good weekend. Fill it with things which feed your spirit!

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