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Blessings from Afar

Ash Wednesday is full of joy…the source of all sorrow is the illusion that of ourselves we are only anything but dust.” – Thomas Merton

The pandemic has touched our lives in so many ways. Some months ago I was talking to a friend who is a member of the Council at her hometown Episcopal church. She mentioned how everything takes special planning to make sure the church’s practices meet health safety requirements. “Here we are,” she said, “it’s not even Christmas and we are talking about Ash Wednesday and how to handle blessing our parishioners with ashes on their foreheads or hands safely.”

My friend’s Episcopal church is only one among thousands that had the conversation in preparation for today.

Last Thursday I received a blessed package in the mail.  Today, being Ash Wednesday, I’ll let you guess what it contained.

Thank you Rev. Donna from Old Stonewell Farm Ministry.


Footnote about the top photo: The bell with cross was given to my Dad about 85 years ago when he was an acolyte in his childhood church which was The Church of the Messiah, in the Hamilton neighborhood of Baltimore, MD. When my Dad passed away it became mine.


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