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Berry Beautiful – Part 2

Sitting on the garden bench, I was suddenly aroused from my contemplative state when I heard little girl’s giggles. Soon after, I watched a young woman and her three little ones round the corner, then disappear between the towering topiaries. I could hear their delight as they ran among the swans, other animal-shaped hedges and obelisks.

About five minutes later the woman and her three little ones came up the incline towards me.

I stood and walked within hearing distance. “Excuse me,” I said, “are these your children?”

“They are!”

“Oh they are so cute! They’ve got to be triplets!”

“Yes! Indeed, they are!” Said their beaming mom.

I introduced myself and told her I was a blogger and asked permission to take a few photos.

“How old are they and what are their names?”

“They are three years old. This is “Anya, Misha, and Alessa.” She pointed to each as she said their names.

Soon the girls grandmother arrived on the scene and while the triplets mom was busy playing sheep herder of her children, we chatted. The grandmother’s delight with the three was so obvious.

” These three… well, they gave us a big surprise! My daughter had an ultrasound and they discovered twins. The next month she went back and one of the eggs had split and found out she was carrying triplets. So the two blondes are a set of identical twins and the little redhead, a fraternal. And…they were born at seven and one half months, so they’ve had a little developmental catching up to do.”

“Oh, that is so precious,” I said, and I briefly shared with her my own miraculous twin story.

I could tell the girls were getting impatient.  We said our good byes and the girls ran off between the topiaries once again. I walked on reflecting on what I would have missed if I hadn’t listened to my heart and gone to the garden that day.

All outfitted in their matching Ravens dresses.


“Anyone can count the seeds in an apple, but only God can count the number of apples in a seed.” ~ Robert Schuller





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  1. You have such a beautiful way of writing, I’ve love reading your stories…it was a blessing to me and my family that we met on this day at ladew, honestly. I was in particular need of some encouragement and inspiration when God made our paths cross. And I found it when I heard your story. These are trying times, but it is so important to remember that miracles are all around us.
    God bless you!

    1. Sarah,
      Thank you so much for your comment and it was a pleasure to meet you all. Best wishes to all of you. Enjoy the gift if your beautiful children! Sue Leonard

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