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Berry Beautiful – Part 1 – Sow The Heart: One Story at a Time
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Berry Beautiful – Part 1

My intuition told me I’d be missing something special if I didn’t take advantage of the warm, sunny early October day to go to Ladew Topiary Gardens again before their seasonal closing at the end of the month.

Different, but just as spectacular as when the vividly colored perennials are in full bloom, were the seed pods in the meadow, and the ornamental shrubs and trees that bear autumn berries and multi-seeded drupes. Right now the Ilex (holly), cornus (dogwoods), bittersweet, spicebush, pyracantha, viburnum, beautyberries and others are hanging heavy in the mid-Atlantic. The birds should be well pleased.

What I so enjoyed about my late season garden exploration was the attention I paid to plants and shrubs I ordinarily pass with just a quick glance when the bright spring and summer perennials are in bloom.

This time of year there’s still much of interest in the garden that I need to have more respect for. It’s much easier to hone in on more subtle hues when the full riot of color has passed.

There are star performers through every season at Ladew Topiary Gardens. That’s why a membership is so worthwhile. You can return time after time and always see something different!

“A luscious charm hangs on the faded forms, more sweet than summer in her loveliest hour.” – The Village Minstrel and Other Poems (1821).

Do return to on October 11th.  I will be featuring some charmers I encountered among the topiaries that have a precious story of God’s miracles behind them.

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