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Award Day in My Neighborhood – Sow The Heart: One Story at a Time
Shine Bright

Award Day in My Neighborhood

On November 2nd, I walked into the neighborhood Safeway Store to do a little grocery shopping. When I got to the bakery section, I picked out a loaf of artisanal bread. One of Safeway’s bakery employees was busy unloading racks of freshly baked breads. I didn’t want to interrupt her in her busyness so I just watched her until she began to walk off from where she was standing right next to the bread slicing machine. I knew she didn’t see me. “Excuse me,” I said, “I am wondering if you can slice this loaf of bread for me?”

“Sure,”  and she reached over the counter and took the loaf of French bread which I had picked up from one of the bread baskets.

When the task was done, I said, “Thank you very much. I appreciate it.”

“It’s no trouble at all. You are my job!” I could see the smile in her eyes. (She had a mask on as required).

Again, I reiterated my thanks. As I drove off in my car from the grocery store, I began to think how truly grateful the woman, who appeared to be about my age, was for her job and the opportunity to serve others.

Earlier the same week, I’d been the recipient of more generosity of spirit from several people at my church who had lifted some heavy boxes containing a shipment of books for me.

Which led me to ponder. There are a lot of good people in this world. I’m sharing this good news with you because we often only hear the other side of things.

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