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Artist Presents Fresh Florals

The gallery season has officially kicked off for 2022 at Liriodendron Mansion in Bel Air, MD. I’d like to compliment those involved with this well-planned opening exhibit with an accompanying educationally-rich creative demonstration. As I mentioned in my previous blog, I learned something about ikebana – a Japanese art of floral arranging! But that’s not all!

Artist Jonathan West’s thirty-two floral still life paintings brought in pretty posies in great abundance! Both the vessels and the wildlife flowers, painted from life, had such great color intensity that the rest of the canvas needed no more color saturation. The white background framed and freshly accentuated the bouquets.

To round out the exhibit even further,  Jonathan West’s poetess friend,  Jennifer Arnold provided an insert to the exhibition program with some of her writings which naturally were themed around flowers, art, spring and tea. Her words spoke right to me~

Coincidently, the artist’s son is being married at this premiere wedding venue in Harford County while his dad’s exhibit will still be on display. To be surrounded by his father’s paintings on the groom’s special day, that’s as sweet as the floral icing that will likely bedeck the wedding cake.

Jonathan West‘s paintings can be seen until April 27 on Sundays from 11am to 3pm or on Wednesdays from 1pm to 6 pm.  Generously, the artist is donating some of  his earnings from the sale of the paintings to the Liriodendron Foundation. Don’t miss any of the art shows this season.  The starter was as lovely as the historic mansion which housed the paintings.




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