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Alive with Joy – Sow The Heart: One Story at a Time
Promise Of Spring

Alive with Joy

Happy Easter, Everyone! I’m feeling joyful. If you believe in the Easter story which goes from crucifixion to resurrection, it gives one hope that our own lives can be revived and renewed even after a very difficult season such as we’ve been in.

As I, and other family members await our second vaccinations right after Easter,  I am getting closer to meeting my first grandchild who was born just days before the quarantine. She’s now just over a year old. Thankfully she is healthy and hardy and there will be many more years left for both of us to spend time together.

I’m so grateful for digital communications. I’ve seen my dear little grand daughter go from helpless and toothless to a darling little toddler who is getting around all on her own! We’ve had blueberry pancakes together even though it’s only through the computer screen. I’ve seen her just after her birth, then her advancing to rolling over, sitting up and taking her first steps. She waves back to me, good by, directly into the computer screen at the end of our real time, live visit. I feel as if I’ve connected much better than the one-sided deal she’s got going with Max, her cat. He looks very skeptical that the little girl who pulls on his ears and tail will ever be acceptable. Her two dogs are trusting and even wait their turns when she’s drinking out of their dog bowl. Ahh… kids will be kids! We all survived things like that and much, much worse.

Many have said they’d have thrown caution to the wind and flown across country to see a new grandchild despite a pandemic. But it’s been important to me to trust in God’s timing to determine when being together will happen. I highly value the life that he has given me. I couldn’t in my own good conscience risk it. Life is so very valuable and I wanted to do my part to protect my own and others too by following CDC guidelines.

New life whether it comes in the budding and blooming of flowers or arrival of new babies, puppy-dogs and kitty cats, or any kind of creature great or small, provides us with a sense of hope that life goes on. Even the anticipation of renewal and rejuvenation adds color to the spirit. So, on this Easter Day, despite still dealing with social distancing for a bit longer, this image reflects how I am feeling. More lighthearted than in the dark winter season, and more cheerful with the arrival of spring.

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