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2020: Heartfelt Ponderings – Sow The Heart: One Story at a Time
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2020: Heartfelt Ponderings



This week I’m focused on giving thanks for 2020! Yes! Despite all,  there are blessings to recall!

The year 2020 has been unique and challenging for everyone. An increased number of people have turned to dabbling with many mediums of art as an expressive avenue to wholeness.

I’m  grateful for those who have spiritual gifts who can share them  through social media platforms. Do you know what this means? It means the local rector from the neighborhood church is now pastor to people all over the world. His or her congregation has been enlarged, yet, many are venturing into uncharted waters. Anyone from any where, on any day of the week, can stumble upon a sermon or a spiritual counselor’s words which touches their own way of thinking. After all, we all come to our beliefs from different roads we’ve traveled and different experiences  we’ve had in our life journeys.

Spiritual leaders are in the business of “heart issues.” There’s an art to that, too! There’s a new podcast called Heart Beats that I’ve begun tuning into.

Pastors everywhere have had to move mountains to get their message out with church doors being closed due to mandates. They’ve become more creative in finding ways to deliver their weekly sermons. I’m always grateful for a message of optimism, encouragement and hope during these trying times. These are the essentials to having faith. The right words touch us when they assure us we are never doing life alone.

“Art becomes a spiritual process depending on the degree of commitment you bring to it … then your art teaches you about life.” –  Nick Bantock

Happy Thanksgiving to All. I’m grateful to those who visit


I am taking my annual holiday hiatus from blogging to stop, ponder and truly appreciate the holy season. Posts will resume on again sometime after the 2021 New Year.

P.S. I think I will stick to my writing…what can I say? “I tried.”

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